Scenes from the State Fair

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Ah…the State Fair…the animals, the exhibits, the FOOD.  Deep fried butter anyone?

In between bites during a brief excursion to this year’s fair, I was able to collect a few images along the midway. Unfortunately, the skies were essentially a seamless gray leading to rather boring backdrops.  In order to add a little interest, each of the images below was post-processed with the Perfect Effects Suite from OnOne Software to create a vintage look.  I also layered in some bokeh to add to the overall effect.  Stay tuned for a screencast tutorial on creating this look.


Side show sign at the Wisconsin State Fair



Tilt-A-Whirl sign at Wisconsin State Fair


Super Dog sign at the Wisconsin State Fair

State Fair_Flying

Riding the Flyer at the State Fair


Ferris wheel at the Wisconsin State Fair

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  1. Russell Groscurth
    January 1, 2015

    Thank you for your great work!!! I am the owner of “Super Dog” and would like to say you did a great job with the pictures. I am happy to see that you took time to photograph my place of business.

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