Create a Triptych From One Image in Lightroom

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NOLA Doors Triptych Low


With one simple trick, you can use Ligthroom’s print module to create a triptych from a single image.  Here’s how:

Step 1:  Select the image that you would like to use from the Lightroom Library module

Step 2: Open the Lightroom Print module

Step 3:  Create a triptych layout.  For this image, I chose a 13 x 19 inch paper size and created three 11 x 5 inch cells.  You can save yourself some work by grabbing my Lightroom template here:

Page size

  Triptych cells                       


Triptych grid


Step 3:  Here is the trick.  In order to reposition the image in each cell independent of the others, you will need to create 2 virtual copies of your image.  Just right click on your image in the filmstrip at the bottom of the Lightroom Print module and select “create virtual copy”.  Repeat once more and you should see your original image plus 2 virtual copies (denoted with the curled page symbol).

Triptych virtual copies


Step 4.  Now drag each image onto the template, placing a different version in each of the three cells.

Step 5.  To drag an individual image within its cell, command-click on the image and slide it into place.  Repeat this step for each of the three cells.


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