Brush in Desaturation using Aperture 3

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Some of the most powerful tools in Aperture 3 are the brushes in the individual adjustment bricks. Here is an example of how selective desaturation can be used to eliminate, or at least tone down, harsh shadows in an image.

1. The original RAW image with obvious shadows on the white robes.


  1. 2. The shadows can be selectively removed by opening the “Enhance” brick in Aperture, pulling the Saturation slider to the left until the shadows blend in. You will see that the entire image becomes desaturated; however, the image will reset once you choose “Brush Enhance in” from the gear dropdown menu.


  1. 3. Adjust the brush to the proper size and paint over the dark brown shadows to selectively desaturate these areas.


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  1. David Patchen
    May 6, 2016

    Thanks for posting, I couldn’t find this adjustment and can now finally remove the amber color temp difference from some shadows.

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